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1000 175.5

Hähnel HL-C808 Canon*

Note! This product is no longer part of our assortment. However, our dealers might still have it in stock. Therefore it might be useful to view its description, photo’s and specs.
HL-C808 Canon
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    1000 175.5
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    Canon FS100, Canon FS200, Canon FS21, Canon FS22, Canon FS30, Canon FS300, Canon FS306, Canon FS31, Canon FS40, Canon FS400, Canon HF-FS30, Canon HF-FS406, Canon HF-G10, Canon HF-M30, Canon HF-M300, Canon HF-M306, Canon HF-M31, Canon HF-M336, Canon HF-M400, Canon HF-M41, Canon HF-M500, Canon HF-S10, Canon HF-S100, Canon HF-S11, Canon HF-S20, Canon HF-S200, Canon HF-S21, Canon HF20, Canon HF200, Canon Legria FS36, Canon Legria HF G30, Canon Legria HF-M406, Canon Legria HF-M41, Canon Legria HF-M46, Canon Vixia HF G10, Canon Vixia HF G30, Canon Vixia HF M40, Canon Vixia HF M400, Canon Vixia HF M41, Canon Vixia HF S30, Canon XA10 PRO, Canon XA20 PRO, Canon XA25 PRO,
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